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Lies, Corruption Exposed.

Jonathan Emord hosts "Jonathan Emord's Truth Trial," a daily broadcast at 3PM Pacific, 5PM Central, 6PM Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network ( Truth Trial exposes government corruption, abuse of power, waste, and fraud. Listen to this fast-paced and edgy program featuring Washington insiders and whistleblowers who have unearthed law violations, industry favoritism, scapegoating, theft of tax dollars, and self-dealing on the government payroll.  

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November 11

Jonathan interviews Hoover Institute fellow Peter Schweizer on his new book, Extortion, revealing how Congressmen, Senators, and the President personally profit from public office.

November 12

Jonathan interviews Heritage Foundation Vice President Kim R. Holmes concerning his new book, Rebound: Getting America Back to Great

November 13

Jonathan interviews Mackinac Center Director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Director Michael D. LaFaive concerning the Detroit bankruptcy and other major cities on the brink of economic collapse

November 14

Jonathan interviews Alliance for Natural Health USA Director Gretchen DuBeau concerning the recently concluded Codex Alimentarius meeting and threats to health freedom

November 15

Jonathan interviews Campaign for Liberty Vice President of Policy Norm Singleton on the Obama apology tour, jitters among Obamacare supporters, and prospects for Obamacare repeal

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Jonathan Emord’s critically acclaimed books on government corruption, abuse of power, and destruction of the Constitution are available via the links below:

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Restore the Republic (2012)

“Jonathan Emord has delivered a frighteningly accurate account of the extent to which government regulation, virtually unchecked in its expansion . . . has all but destroyed the Constitution on which this country was founded . . . . [F]or those fed up with . . . ‘Big Brother’ . . . this is a must read.”  William Bradford Reynolds, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice (1981-1988)

“A wonderful and badly needed book! Everyone should read it.  Jonathan Emord shows how freedom of speech has been suppressed by agencies of Western governments for the benefit of private interests that reward agency heads with lucrative post-government employment.”  Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, scientists and best-selling authors of Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach

“I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in regaining our lost liberties and restoring our republic.”  Ron Paul

“No other work has been as successful in explaining how the free speech principles of the American Founding can be faithfully applied to the communications technology of today.”  Michael W. McConnell, University of Chicago Law School (at the time of this quote); since then, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, and, at present, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor of Law and Director of the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School.

Global Censorship of Health Information (2010)

Rise of Tyranny (2008)

Freedom, Technology, and the First Amendment (1991)

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